Gozo is the perfect place to celebrate what will be one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life. The island has a rich history, with many beautiful palaces and farmhouses with some of the most hospitable people anywhere in the world.

Gozo is dotted with around 365 stunning churches and countless chapels in the countryside, making it an ideal destination for those of you looking for a religious wedding. If you have opted for a civil wedding, there is no limit in options, with a number of palaces and pristine sandy beaches to truly make your big day perfect.

You can also choose a traditional Maltese wedding, characterized by a large buffet reception and a grand “going away” ritual. You can spend your first precious moments as a married couple in a Dgħajsa boat in the beautiful Grand Harbour or horse-drawn Karozzin riding through one of the most serene places on the Mediterranean coastline.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a divorcee or a same-sex couple, Maltese laws will allow you to get married in Gozo. You don’t need to worry about complicated procedures in order to tie the knot in the Roman Catholic Church as a foreign visitor to Gozo. You may need to submit documentation including letters from your country of residence and birth certificates to the Gozo Diocese or the local registrar.

There are several tour operators who offer complete wedding packages that you can customize based on your preferences. If you are looking to have a destination wedding on Gozo, you don’t even need to worry about planning a honeymoon. All you need to do is arrive on the island and you will already be at a paradisical honeymoon destination.

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