Xewkija Church by FBalzan Photography

Xewkija Church, Photo by FBalzan Photography

The island of Gozo is home to only around 37,000 people, the island has a number of thriving villages.

Rabat (Victoria)

Rabat, or Victoria, is the capital town of Gozo. Rabat attracts a number of tourists as it has several places of cultural and historical significance. The town is home to the ancient city of the island, the Citadel and the old suburb of the Citadel. These sites provide an incredible view of the island, its lush hills and beautiful coastline. The city centre is marked by the Pjazza Indipendenza, an open market and countless open cafes. The old city has charming narrow streets surrounding St. George’s Basilica.


Fontana, which means “spring”, is a suburb of Victoria. The village is named after a beautiful spring that is situated at the end of the road that leads to Xlendi. Fontana came to be populated because of its proximity to this fresh water source, and in the 16th century, an arched shelter was built over the spring so people could easily access drinking water and wash clothes. Today, Fontana is home to 985 people, mostly fishermen who operate from Xlendi. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church, which was built in 1893, is also situated here.


Ghajnsielem, which is literally translated into “Salem’s Spring”, is situated near Mgarr Harbour. The village stands out because of the beautiful Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto and the Lourdes Chapel, both of which stand out from a distance. Ghajnsielem is home to 3,200 people and attracts many tourists due to its beautiful churches and proximity to Mgarr Harbour.


Gharb, which means “West” in Arabic, is the westernmost point of Gozo. The island has a population of 1,539. The town has a rich history ever since it was created as a parish in 1679. An impressive baroque parish church was built between 1699 and 1729, which has received international acclaim for its elegant facade. The town is also home to the Basilica ta’ Pinu, one of Malta’s most famous shrines to Virgin Mary


Kerċem is located towards South-west of Victoria between the lush hills of Ghar Ilma, Tal-Mixta and Ta’ Dbieġi and the Lunzjata Valley. The village extends all the way to the scenic Għadira ta’ San Raflu pond. According to recent archeological discoveries, Kerċem was inhabited as early as 5000 BC when Sicilian invaders first entered the island. The Ta’ Kercem parish church is the only church in the country dedicated to two saints, namely Pope St. Gregory and Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Marsalforn is located on the north east coastline of the island, between the hill top towns Xagħra and Żebbuġ. It is the most popular tourist resort in Gozo because of its sandy beaches and hotels, bars and restaurants. The town has a number of unique rock formations and fantastic swimming points. The Marsalforn economy is primarily sustained by tourism.


Mgarr is situated in an agricultural area which is dotted with vineyards and fertile farmlands and most of its 3629 residents are involved in agricultural activities. Mgarr Harbour is often described as the gateway to Gozo since it is one of two entry points to the island. Fort Chambray is one of the major attractions in this town.


Munxar is located on the Southern coast of Gozo. This five-hundred year old settlement now has a population of 1454. Xlendi Bay, which is a popular diving tourist destination is a suburb of Munxar. The town has a parish church dedicated to St. Paul.


Nadur has a population of almost five thousand people and is one of Gozo’s larger villages. Many of the fruits consumed all over Gozo and Malta are produced in Nadur, including peaches, apples, plums, lemons and oranges. Local residents and tourists typically swim on San Blas, which is a nearby tiny, sandy bay.


Qala is a village home to 2284 people. It is located near to Ħondoq ir-Rummien which with its caves and salt pans is extremely popular with divers and snorkelers. Qala is located on the easternmost point on the island.and boasts attractions such as St. Joseph Parish Church, St. Anthony’s Battery and the Immaculate Conception Chapel.

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