Tourism and agriculture are two key industries for the Gozitan economy. In fact, a large proportion of employment in Gozo occurs in the tourist industry, in tourism-related activities, and in agriculture, generating considerable income and economic activity in Gozo.

Nonetheless, a mismatch between industry needs and skills available exists amongst the Gozitan workforce. The rate of unemployment in Gozo and the share of the working-age population within the total Gozitan population may be the key factors contributing towards Gozo having a regional economy smaller than that of Malta.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Gozitans cross over to mainland Malta in search of employment opportunities. Such migration shifts have manifested themselves particularly in most recent years, both amongst low-skilled workers as well as highly-educated professionals. As a result, more and more Gozitan youths are opting to work and live in Malta, rather than cross over to Malta on a daily basis.

The main objective of every Government, to increase employment opportunities for Gozitans in Gozo, is to design the right incentives for people and investors to invest, consume and reside in Gozo.

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